Common Terminology in Chat Agent Service

softwareVarious fields of business incorporate chat agent services into their business websites to enhance customer relationship under the principle that optimal customer satisfaction leads to better business. Chat agent services involves enabling the chat function into the company’s business website, so the customers can get as much information they need with as many or as few questions they can ask. If you are considering hiring a chat agent or two for your business website, here are a few terminologies you have to be familiar with.

HIPAA Compliance

Chat agent services are tasked to collect and compile customer information including their names, addresses, and contact details. This ensures a business that they can contact their customers or that the chat service’s affiliated phone marketers can advertise to them. However, the best chat services are respectful of their client businesses’ limitations. In the case of physicians and health care establishments, doctor-patient confidentiality or physician-patient privilege is something that must be kept intact. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ensures that patient information is protected; chat services’ compliance with this maintains that patient information stored in the cloud is safe.

Agent dashboard

This is how a company can manage and monitor the skill of various chat agents in handling their customers. The agents’ chats can be routed like in a call center: the chats are handled by the agents according to the agents’ skill and load at the time. The agent dashboard is useful for a company being served by more than one chat agent at a time.


NetworkCompanies dependent on computer software to perform and promote business may have used various software products by the time they hire chat services. Chat agent services are aware of this and make it a point to make their program compatible with their client companies’ business software. These include the customer relationship management software, which involves storing their customers’ information and contact details to assist them and promote their business with them.

Chat services also integrate their chat functions with various forms of CRM software. These include CRM for car dealerships and CRM for retail establishments. The same is true for the CRM software for health care professionals, provided that they comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.


Customization means that the service that chat agents offer their client companies can be made unique with each one. While chat services provide their client companies with predefined responses and scripts for their online visitors, these responses are altered according to the needs of the company and those of their customers.

Some of these customized services include putting the company’s logo and name on the chat boxes. This allows the customers to remember the company they are communicating with. This also raises the chance of the visitor eventually becoming a customer.

Office hour tracking

A company with a chat service for their business website can track the progress of the chat sessions and when they took place. A company can keep track of these chat sessions during, and even before and after, office hours. This also helps them observe the overall traffic of Internet users through their website and gives the company an idea on how to boost traffic to their website and potentially accumulate consumers, too.


aultimate The cloud is an umbrella term that people refer to as an intangible database that is primarily accessible online. Companies may activate their business websites’ chat functions by downloading scripts from the cloud to reduce hard disk space. Further information saved by the chat agents is also stored in the cloud, so unexpected hardware damage cannot harm the data.