Remove Mold at House by Using Clove Oil

Generally, mold grows up and develops in humid and stuffy areas at house that don’t have good ventilation. Mold is able to cause damage to wall, ceiling, wood panel, and even carpet. Besides, for those who have allergy, mold can also cause respiratory irritation.

Some homeowners decide to use certain chemicals to remove mold but those chemicals are potential to disturb their health especially if they spray the chemicals excessively. Fortunately, there is alternative solution to solve mold problem without using chemicals. You can use clove oil which is extracted from clove bud, rod, and leaf. You need to know that clove oil consists of antiseptic compound, called eugenol that is able to remove mold and even spore. The question is how to use it to remove mold? It is easy, as long as you apply steps below:

Rub all mold areas

Provide bucket warm water and a brush. Enter that brush to warm water before rubing all mold areas cleanly. After, use fabric or tissue to lift mold and even dirt that still attach to the areas. Bear in mind to wear a masker so you don’t inhale mold, dirt, or even spore accidentally.

Prepare clove oil

Prepare 1 tea spoon clove oil and 4 glasses warm water in a spray bottle. Make sure that you mix and shake them well. Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hand from warm water.

Spray clove oil solution

Make sure that you spray clove oil solution to all mold areas. Wait from 10 minutes to 15 minutes till the solution is absorbed in areas. Then, rub the areas by using fabric or tissue. Ideally, you will see mold is faded and gone. Besides, spray clove oil solution in the same areas but don’t do it on rug areas. This is useful to hamper mold growth and kill spore. Remember to spray mold regularly minimum twice a month

In contrast, if you apply these steps well but your house is not still free from mold yet, it is better for you to consider using mold removal services. If you live in Phoenix, use mold remediation Phoenix that is provided by Kowalski Construction Inc.

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